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Finally a eGo-t Mega type b for a good price. This is a pass through also? Can't wait to check that out.... Seriously thinking about getting kits 5 for cheaper as gifts from your site. Great for mates for Christmas. Thanks again.
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Everyone I have bought from are nice, courteous and top notch. Will continue to do business with them all and have told my vaping friends that there is no place to do business but with the shops on Thank you so much for all of your wonderful products and great prices. Your Loyal Customer, Dane
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Everything is very good, quality and speed of delivery, thank you for your cooperation. A very good trader
Buyer: vice (30 )
2013 NEW Replacement Function 510 eGo clear Rocket Atomizer 5set X 23.5USD FREE SHIPPING
A new version of the Elips (which I loved, but had leaking problems). This new version seems to have solved the leaking problems, but is built cheap. One battery broke on the first day (charging port fell into the battery!!) and it feel like the second one will also do this soon. They also changed the battery connector so that I cant use it with the older Elips batteries that I have - even though it looks exactly the same - they changed the dimensions enough so that it wont fit. Happy with the seller. VERY disappointed with the product quality! I expect items that I buy to last more than 1 day :(
Buyer: thumper (9 )
Buyer: Khanage (1 )
Cheapest MINI eGo electronic cigarette with 2ml C8 clear Cartomizers type 1 set x 46.4usd FREE SHIPPING
Madison Shop is the Best one! It's blatant! Much satisfied with this mini e-cig that is a jewel. Thanks a lot Madison shop!
Buyer: Heco (5 )