About Us

Vaporhawk is a multi seller site and only hosts the ecommerce service. 

We do not sell or arrange the orders directly and all sales and purchases are the responsibility of the individual sellers.

The only payment system used is Paypal. We prefer Paypal as it offers buyers protection in their general terms for sales. 

We hope you enjoy using vaporhawk and find it useful for your vapor and shopping requirements.

Vaporhawk charges minimal fees to buyers. These very minimal fees generally do not cover the cost of  hosting the website. 

To help vaporhawk remain viable please tell your friends and forums about us and keep ordering your eliquids and supplies through the vaporhawk website.

Ordering E-liquid from vaporhawk

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 

This is a multi seller site like ebay so after you order you can discuss with the sellers your requirements after purchase.

1. You can leave a message on the flavor after purchase. The flavors aren't listed because they often add new options and we cannot always keep it updated to the latest options.
2. Personally we order from Zainy and Jacked vapor stores and have seen and verified the genuine hangsen or dekang distributor certificates from them.  Other suppliers may also have these certificates, however we have not verified any other sellers at this stage.
If you order liquid from these stores It is often in Hangsen (or Dekang) plain packaging rather than retail packaging. 
This is because Hangsen requires very large bulk orders to get the glossy retail packaging.
Because the sellers on vaporhawk do not carry stock of liquid they order under the moq (minimum order quantity) for retail packaging every few days. You can expect non retail branded Hangsen packaging from these sellers unless they have very very large sales for the week.
The packaging will likely just have the green Hangsen wave through it and the flavor nicotine level and pg vg level written on it with stickers.
Because both these sellers order brand new liquid for every order direct from Hangsen or Dekang, the liquid will be very fresh. 
For this reason you might find the batch flavor needs some steeping (airing) as fresh liquid can be stronger in flavor.
Shelf life for liquid is generally 24 months from purchase when stored in a cool dry place.
Shelf life is much longer if you keep it refrigerated.
Remember to keep liquids locked up for storage to keep it out of the reach of children etc.
Buyers should be aware of the ecig and eliquid requirements and laws for their own place of purchase.

The VaporHawk.com Administrator Team