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Hi I am Ms Ocean Sun. We do the e-cig line for more than two years,I can supply you the e cig with good quality and very favourable price.We do dropship,wholesale and produce original design of potential new items.We have big advantage of mailing the goods to customers.In general,it only takes about 1-3 days to arrange and mail the goods after customer makes the order.Our aim is to get most old customers and have long-termed happy business relationship.
You can leave me message if you want something others which does not post on our store,i will try all best to provide you what you want.
As my Great buyers know, I am only interested in Long term business and will work my hardest to make you a loyal and long term customer. I love all my great customers from USA, Germany, Australia, Greece, Finland and so many more great places. I would love to see you all come and visit my new store and be in touch again. Thanks you all for visiting and I wish you all a great day - U

Thanks for your support.
All the best
Ting Sun Ocean Sun
Ms Ocean Vapor

| Date: Jun. 13, 2012 05:37:07 | Type: Auction Sale | From: MJA333 (4) | Auction ID: 102529 | [ Details ]
Another great set of products from Ms Ocean Vapor. The quality is great and the delivey is really fast. Of the juices themselves, the Winston flavour is the best so far - really loving it. Dunhill great, very strong throat hit. Green Tea is nice, although quite rich and not, in my opinion, an all day vape. Cherry and Pepsi I really like. Haven't tried the rest yet as I'm having real problems tearing myself from the marvolous Winston flavour :) I heartily recomend this seller!

| Date: Jun. 21, 2012 02:27:08 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Reeciebabe (2) | Auction ID: 101366 | [ Details ]
This was my first time buying an ecig and it was a very pleasant experience, the seller was very helpful in answering all my questions, and the price for the quality of this device is outstanding, less then half of most other sellers. 14 days from China to the bottom of Aus was also really fast. The only gripe I have is that the wall adaptor was dead on arrival, but I think that is a very minor downside considering the price. Will be back for sure :)

| Date: Jun. 13, 2012 05:30:07 | Type: Auction Sale | From: MJA333 (4) | Auction ID: 103073 | [ Details ]
Got a second one of these as a spare...they're that good. Lots of great vapour, and really brings out the taste of the juice. Used at lower voltage it lasts me all day, and I'm a pretty heavy vaper! I really recomend this product, and this seller too. Amazing customer service.

| Date: Jun. 04, 2012 03:54:56 | Type: Auction Sale | From: jvdvmerksem (12) | Auction ID: 101387 | [ Details ]
Ocean Vapor, one of the best seller !!! Thanks for the very fast delivery...The flavor is amazing....I will buy again with Ocean Vapor !!!!

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